Cartoon water drop with whiteboard that says "Your epic guide to seamlessly setting up the Kleen Keester bidet"

Vigilante Installation Handbook

A Cheeky Adventure: The Kleen Keester Bidet Attachment Installation Tale

Once upon a time, in a bathroom not too far away, lived a brave soul ready to embark on a quest for the cleanest keester in the land. Armed with a Kleen Keester bidet attachment and a sense of humor as big as their dreams, our hero set out to transform their ordinary toilet into a throne of freshness and luxury.

Our adventurer eagerly unwrapped the Kleen Keester bidet attachment, revealing a sleek and sophisticated device that promised a bathroom experience like no other. With the Kleen Keester mascot winking from the packaging, our hero knew they were in for a treat.

Before diving into the installation, our brave explorer surveyed their toilet kingdom. Checking for a flat back, existing bolt holes, and ample space, they ensured their trusty steed (the toilet) met the Kleen Keester compatibility criteria.  See fitting guide for more information, but please note that if you have a one piece toilet, it will not fit flat on the back of your throne. 

With a simple adjustable wrench and screw driver in hand and a determination to conquer any DIY dragon in their path, our hero commenced the bidet attachment installation. Following the step-by-step guide provided by Kleen Keester, they skillfully attached the bidet between the toilet and the seat, securing it with the existing bolt holes.  Be sure and have some toilet cleaner and paper towels handy to clean the bowl.  Also be sure your water line is completely OFF.  

As our protagonist adjusted the bidet settings, a symphony of water jets and laughter filled the air. The Kleen Keester bidet offered customizable water pressure, ensuring a personalized cleansing experience fit for a royal bottom.

With the bidet successfully installed, our hero took a seat on their throne, reveling in the newfound freshness. The Kleen Keester bidet had transformed their bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and luxury – a kingdom where every keester was treated like royalty.

Epilogue: A Happy Ending for Every Keester

Cartoon water drop with squirt gun winking inside of a white blob

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