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Kleen Keester Bidet Fitting Guide: Ensuring the Perfect Fit for Your Toilet

Investing in a Kleen Keester bidet is a step towards a cleaner, more luxurious bathroom experience. To make sure your bidet installation goes smoothly, follow our fitting guide for a perfect match between your toilet and Kleen Keester bidet. Please note that not all toilets are created equal, and it's crucial to check for specific features to ensure compatibility.

Before purchasing a Kleen Keester bidet, examine the back of your toilet. Our bidets are designed to fit toilets with a flat back. This means the surface behind the seat is not curved or slanted. A flat back provides a stable and secure foundation for the bidet to be installed.

Inspect your toilet for existing bolt holes. The Kleen Keester bidet is designed to fit seamlessly between the toilet and the toilet seat. It uses the existing bolt holes to anchor itself, ensuring a snug and secure fit.

Check for sufficient space between the toilet bowl and the tank. The Kleen Keester bidet is crafted to fit comfortably in this space, providing optimal functionality without any hindrance.

Measure the distance between the existing bolt holes on your toilet. This measurement is crucial to ensure the Kleen Keester bidet aligns perfectly with your toilet. Our bidet is adjustable to accommodate different bolt hole distances, but having accurate measurements will make the installation process smoother.

Kleen Keester bidets are compatible with toilets that have a standard shape and a flat back. Toilets with a curved or slanted back may not provide the necessary support for a secure installation.

The installation of Kleen Keester bidets is designed to be a straightforward, do-it-yourself process. No special plumbing or electrical work is required. Follow the step-by-step instructions provided with your bidet, and you'll have a clean and luxurious bathroom experience in no time.

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Toilet's That Will Work

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Toilet's that Won't Work